Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another successful Disneyland trip.

It was a warm & crowded March day. Despite the circumstances, we had a great time! Lilly, Milo, and I rode the teacups and it's a small world. Then we stayed in the princess area were Snow White told the audience her story. It was cute and not that crowded. Next was the Princess corenation (not sure on spelling). The best part was the dancing with the May pole and ribbons.

On our way out, Lilly was so tired she kept falling asleep while on the sit n stand platform. This means there was no support so she kept tipping over. I finally had to pull over to a shady bench and hold her in my arms. It was actually nice though. I rested my feet up on the stroller and when Milo cried, a nice man handed him to me. It was a pleasant day with my kids. My hands were full though. That's why there are so few pictures.

My secret to surviving Disneyland with young children is to realize it is not the time for strict discipline and teaching lessons. I don't let Lilly run off by herself or be rude to others. That's not what I'm saying. I just know she is tired and hot and I don't get overly upset with tantrums. I'm a little more forgiving. It seems to work for now.

Lilly dressed up for the park with her hat, cd player dangling from neck, slippers, and backpack (classic toddler style!).

Milo is now 5 months!!

He is getting bigger everyday. At the last doctor's appointment, he was the 99th percentile for height. Of course, I was blind to this until Steve pointed out that his 3 month onsies were skin tight on him. It's true! I change his outfit at least twice a day because he has so many 6 month clothes which he is rapidly growing out of.

Anyhow, we were all very excited because he rolled over from his tummy to back three times in a row the night we took these pictures. Lilly cheered and then insisted we take pictures.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Lilly!

Lilly's big day finally came. She had her third birthday party at our house on a rainy Saturday. It was last minute so we did not have a ton of people. Our neighbors, Paul & Heather, Anna & Scout, and Trevor came in the morning. We put up her princess castle and played hot potato. It went really well. THe kids got to decorate their own cupcakes and they seemed to like that. Later that day, Joe, Jessica and the girls showed up and we almost had another entire party. It's the first birthday where Lilly really understood that it was her day. She is going to love her birthdays just like her mommy always did!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spencer reads to Lilly.

Spencer, we enjoyed seeing you so much at the grandparents house. This is the picture we took of you and Lilly!

Lilly holds Milo.


Steve and I took Lilly to Disneyland before her third birthday (which will be on February 22). The three of us had so much fun! First we met Lilly's favorite character, Tinkerbell. She showed us the cute house she made all by herself.

Next, we took her on the Matterhorn (not sure on spelling). Of course, she was terrified by the speed and the snow monster. I could hear her screaming behind me. We had to redeem her trust in us by taking her to "It's a small world" next. We also rode storybook boat, Dumbo, the tea cups, autotopia, Snow White, the train, and the Innovention show. That's all I can remember now.

We really liked the Innovention show. It started out silly. But, eventually you end up in a house from the future that has this cool child's room. When you read a story in it, the room comes to life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow day!!

On New Year's day, we took Lilly up to the snow for the first time. We drove up to Wrightwood and waited in three hours of traffic because we promised her. The waiting
dampened her spirits, but, once we got in the snow she was a happy camper. She giggled
all the way down the sled rides. It was super cute.

Friday, October 22, 2010

12 days old!!

Milo is doing great! He sleeps good and is not too fussy. A lot of people told us the second child is always easier and it seems true! Anyhow, we took him to the doctor today and he is almost back up to his birth weight. The doctor said he's doing great and his gasiness is nothing to be concerned about. We just have a gassy little boy.

Lilly tells us she loves him. She is a good little helper. At first, it was hard for her though. She stole his binkies and wouldn't give them back. She also just completely stopped potty training. After a visit from Grandma she was back to her old self. She tells us "Milo will get big too." It seems comforting for her to remember this. She also tells us, "When I was a newborn; When I was born: When I had a binkie.." Perhaps she is trying to remind us that she is every bit as cute as the new baby. It works! We certainly do think she is super cute.